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Sky Burner Widow Maker - Advanced


The NEW Widow Maker from Sky Burner weaves a dangerous web, approach with caution. This kite is very easy to fly and extremely precise but will pounce onto trick flying with deadly accuracy. The NEW Widow Maker was designed and built with a performance flyer in mind. The NEW Widow Maker is built with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship you have come to know and expect from Sky Burner. The sail is sewn with great care and precision and exceptional strength. The panels come together with the sleek and nimble styling of the spider its named for. Built with an unbelievably tough Sky Shark Nitro carbon frame, this is a Kite built to endure and out last every flyer that crosses its path.

Yo-Yo stops and removable velcro Tail Weight included.

Designed by Jon Trennepohl and Wayne Brunjes. Sails sewn by Heads Up Kites, Pam Kirk and Mike Dennis. Made in the U.S.A.

Widow Maker / standard
Sail Polycarbonate P-31
Frame Sky Shark New Nitro std. Lower spreaders Nitro Clear coat, P-300 spine
Wing Span 93"
Height 39"
Weight 10 oz.
Wind Range 3-20 mph.
Bridle Spectra core 3 Point
Widow Maker / ultralite
Sail Polycarbonate P-31
Frame Sky Shark 3PT Black Diamond clear coat Lower spreaders, 2PT edges, P-100 spine
Wing Span 93"
Height 39"
Weight 8 oz.
Wind Range 2-12 mph.
Bridle Spectra core Turbo
    Purple fade
    Yellow fade
    Flo Green/black
    Purple UL
    yellow fade UL
    red/black UL
    flo green/black UL
    midnight blue/black UL
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