Carbon Tubes

We have all sizes of pultruded carbon tubes and micro carbon rods. Please call for prices and sizes available.

Helpful hints for building with Sky Shark Tubes
When building with PT tubes: 2PT, 3PT, 5PT, 7PT and Zero Airs at 32.5" or 40" you should always cut from the small end. Note that there is an extra buildup of material that is 1.5" to 2" long on the large end of these tubes to make them stronger for ferruling them together. This means that if you go past the build up with the ferrule being used it could cause the wall of the tube to split.
All ferrules should be beveled at both ends. This keeps the sharp edges from putting undo pressure on the wall of the tube.
The ferrules for the lighter tubes such as the zero air, 2PT, 3PT, P90 and P100 should be a .240" or 6 mm tube. For even lighter weights you can use a 6mm wrapped carbon tube such as our 2P in the zero airs. The 2P uses a .196" tube. All 5PT, 7PT, 8P, P200, 300 and 400’s should use a solid 6mm or .240" carbon rod.
Nitro tubes take a .285" ferrule: This includes the Lite, the standard and the strong as well as the XLT and XLS. You should use solid ferrules with all these tubes. There are two different types of ferrules available for this tube. You can use a solid carbon rod cut to length or you can use a P100 Sky Shark tube cut to length and then glue a .240" solid inside the P100.
Note on cutting Nitro tubes: The large end of the Nitro tubes are the same OD for the first 10" with no build up so you can cut from the large end as well as the small end. This allows you to change the stiffness by cutting from either end.
Recommended lengths for ferrules; in sport kites, leading edge ferrules are 2.5" and lower spreaders 3.75". This is my opinion based on using a center-T that is no more than .5" to .75" wide. Again, this is just my opinion, and can vary with different applications.

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