Poison Dart Frog

We are proud to introduce a brand new line of decorative three-dimensional Garden Charms that are inflated with long-lasting balloon airbags, and shaped with foam and beads. These Garden Charms will indeed charm everyone in your neighborhood. A small pump is needed to inflate the airbag built into each design, giving it the definitive shape and 3-D appearance not found in any other wind ornaments. For luxurious hand-feel, beading has been added to the foam filling in key areas. Made with 210 high quality polyester fabric with a fade- resistant coating and tight satin appliqué stitching, these fun-loving, enticing 3-D Garden Charms will sway heads as they sway gently into the wind. Your invited to give this new line of Garden Charms a try. You will be amazed at the delightful, energetic and mesmerizing effect they create in every room, patio or garden!. 22.8" x 18"
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